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10 Apps That Will Make Your Daily Life So Much Easier


In today’s world using smartphones has become part of us and with the increasing number of smartphone usage, we need apps that will make our Daily Life much easier. There are now apps that can help us run our lives by just pressing a button and then things are put in place, and it is fun knowing that you can use an app to do things that you would have done it by yourself.

Thanks to technology there are now lots of smartphone apps available on the market that we can use to make our lives much easier. Developers continue to create useful apps that will simplify our lives and make it possible for us to manage our time and energy by delegating certain duties to other people through the help of apps. Also there are Apps That Will Make You Passive Income Without Work.

There are many apps available on the market to choose from keeping your health check, saving money, entertaining yourself and a lot to do with these apps; we have gathered these 10 apps that make everyone’s daily lives better, take advantage of these apps by making your life easier.  


Is a cooking app that gives you personalized guidance and recipes and it also has video tutorials that will take you through the steps and details for recommended recipes. This app helps you save time and it also helps you improve your life in the kitchen and it can even recommend a recipe for you based on your grocery list.

This smart cooking sidekick app supplies you with lots of recipes to pick from and to start testing on how to prepare different recipes in your kitchen. There are always new recipes added every week for you to learn new ways and techniques for preparing good meals.


You can use files go by Google to free up space on your phone and clean your device without having to go through the hustle of going to the task and manually deleting your old files, it is easy to find files and share them with others offline when using file go by Google. 

This app recommends files that need to be erased before you run out of space and it can be done with just a few clicks and it can be used to share photos, videos, or documents with people who are using the same app. It is fast and works offline.


Weight loss running is an app that is designed to purposely help you lose weight, it has different plans that you can use to achieve your fitness goals in losing weight. Whether it is running, jogging, or walking you can get a guide for beginners, intermediate and advanced runners, you can get a plan to help burn fat and lose weight fast.

It also includes running maps and monitors your calorie count and has 1000+ music to motivate you in training to take your workout effectively, with weight loss running app, running to lose weight becomes much easier for you in your daily life. 


If you want an app that will help you narrow your search base on restaurant and food types then zomato is the right app to go for, on the app you can view photos or menu of different kind of food to eat or order from and it has a map feature which can guide you to the restaurant you will like to eat base on your budget. 

Zomato makes life better for you if you want to find a place to eat when you travel and you can take pictures and share it with your friends directly from the app.


It makes your life easier by treating it like a game to stay motivated and also enjoy yourself whiles accomplishing your goals, in the app you create an avatar that will use to monitor your task manager to win more rewards and unlock features, play with friends and earn more rewards.

Habitica is an app that you can use to motivate yourself daily and challenge yourself to accomplish more goals and its fun having it on your phone which serves as a form of reminder to keep you active in working towards achieving your goals. 


Is a photo editing app developed by Google for phone photographers who want to take their photo editing to the next level, the app has 29 tools and filters that can be used to edit your pictures including Healing, Brush, or Structure and you can save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later.

Using Snapseed makes photo editing simple and with all the features this app contains, it takes phone photography and photo editing to the next level.


This app show you the battery level of your Bluetooth device since most of us like to use Bluetooth devices, most of the apps there do not show your battery level which can be a pain in the ass. When you are listening to something and it goes off because of battery power down, with Baton you don’t have to face such problem,

Bat on gives you a place to check the battery level of your Bluetooth device without a struggle, all you have to do is to tap the notification to recheck your battery level, just connect the app to your Bluetooth device and you are off to enjoying yourself with your favorite music. 


This is your go-to app especially to those who want to build mindfulness and increase their meditation level but don’t have the time to go for the classes, Calm is so simple to practice with, the guidance given is easy to follow with different types of sounds to choose for your meditation at the comfort of your home.

Using calm for mindfulness meditation helps you to build your life with full of joy and peace of mind for better productivity and make your daily life much easier.  


You want to work out for fitness but can’t do it alone without a trainer; Runkeeper app is here to solve that, it is an app that acts as a coach or partner which will be with you along the way with your training and guide you with the appropriate measures to achieve your ultimate goal in keeping fit.

With the Runkeeper app, you don’t have to worry about affording a couch to take you through the process of training for a run, walk, jog, bike, or any activity really, you can do it with Runkeeper and it also shows your progress along the way towards achieving your goal.


Do you want to get healthy, lose weight or change your habits then Myfitnesspal is the app to download, this app helps you learn how to make healthier choices about the foods you eat and it tells you your food intake and how much you will weigh in a few weeks if you keep on taking the same food. 

You don’t need to do manual calorie count which will take your time when you could have used that time for something else, Myfitnesspal makes calorie counting easy and monitoring your weight loss

Innovation has made our lives easier with the creation of new apps every now and then to facilitate our living and make us able to fulfill our duties without having to lift a finger to do it by ourselves with the help of apps. How cool is it knowing that there are apps that can almost do all your works for you?

Give a try to these apps and make your life much easier and if this article was of help to you please share and leave a comment and we will like to know some of your favorite apps that you use to make your daily life much easier below.

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