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10 Simple Ways to Hack And Stay Self Motivated


Stay Self Motivated

Have you ever tried to do something so bad and the next thing you realize is you find yourself procrastinating; I guess it has happened to you over and over again? The article or the book you have been trying to write or the business you have planned to start for the past days is now turning into months and yet you have not started.

Each and every day you look at the goals you have set and tell yourself that tomorrow you will start but when tomorrow comes you tell yourself again tomorrow, till tomorrow turns into months and years, then you eventually dump your goals.   

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I have been down this road before, the road of starting but never get to finish it. There are a lot of people with good ideas when brought out will add value to our lives but those ideas never see daylight, because they lack self-motivation to keep them pursuing their dreams.

What is self-motivation?

Self-motivation is the burning passion inside us without the influence of someone that keeps us intact in order not to lose our interest in pursuing our dreams. 

Here are 10 doses that will keep you on your toes when you are losing self motivation:


Achieving a goal without a cause is like missing a ball in an empty net, and that will only do you more harm than good. Having a reason makes you focus on achieving your dream, and when your energy starts to wear out and you remember the reason you are trying to build your dreams, it will motivate you to keep on building that dream of yours.

You should always have a reason when trying to do something because that reason will keep you intact from drifting away from the path to attaining your goals.



The feeling of getting a reward makes you want to do more in order to get your reward.  Anytime you start to lose interest in what you are doing and you remember the reward you will get at the end, you will get all excited and start to push harder to accomplish your work in order to get the reward.

We all do things with the hope of getting rewarded at the end; whether for the joy you feel inside, receiving a gift, or getting God’s blessings to make us want to do more. Sometimes in the process, we do forget the reward at the end which leads us to be unmotivated but when the thought of the reward sprout on our minds we get self-motivated again and start to work harder towards getting that reward.


Doing things for the love of the money or fame without having the love for it will sooner or later sink. Because at a point in time, you will find yourself moving slowly away from it but when you are doing something for the love you have for it or the joy you get from it, you get motivated to do it even more.

Do what you love doing and don’t stop till it is done. 

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Thinking about the outcome will increase your zeal to put more effort into getting the work done. If you are trying to establish a business and your zeal starts to wear out and you think about the outcome it will have on people, either by employing or helping them in solving their issues, it will propel you to get yourself together for the establishment of the business.

Block your mind from thinking so much on the hardship involved but rather think more about the outcome. 


Learning something new is another way to keep you self-motivated, not only do you get to share with people what you have learned, but you also get to build yourself in many fields that will have a great impact in your life as an employee or a business owner.

The feeling of getting to know that you have learned something new is overwhelming, it increases you in knowledge and that will help you one way or another in tackling issues.

self motivated

“Stay hungry and follow your dreams’’ Jack Ma


You need to possess that hunger to get motivated; the power of hunger can compel you to do things that seem impossible. Being hungry is a force on its own and the thought of being hungry will motivate you to work yourself out of being in that situation again.

Hunger is another strong way to get self-motivated because the thought of it will take you through difficult times in order not to go back into that situation of being hungry again.


Do not spread yourself into many places, narrow yourself at one thing, and then move from there. If you start to involve yourself in many things, you will end up wearing your energy off and that will cause you to lose everything you have tried to build.

Starting small helps you to contain any crisis that may arise but if you start to do many things at once, you will find it hard to manage the problems when they start to pop up. 

The ants start little by little in building their house and by the time you realize they have heaped up a nice home.


Take one step into challenging yourself toward moving forward. Don’t just stay in your comfort zone, move out of that zone, and achieve greater things. After you have held your grounds in establishing yourself, try out new things and don’t think about the failure you are going to encounter nor think about the obstacles you are going to face but, think about the outcome and focus on taking one more step.

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Try everything possible to stay positive all time; I know it is hard to make your mind stay positive all the time, but with a little effort you can channel your mind into thinking more positively than being negative. Anytime negative thoughts try to creep into your head, quickly push them out before they take hold of your mind.

If we are able to improve ourselves on thinking more positively, I bet that we will accomplish greater things in our lives. 


Concentrate on one particular thing at a time and after you achieve it, then you can now move on to do other things. When starting a new task and you let yourself keep on moving from one thing to another, you will find it hard to keep your motivation intact. Try to practice how to stay focused and you will take control of your awareness by making it focus on achieving your goals. 

Staying self- motivated is an essential part of our lives, whether you are to start a business or moving into other adventures, you will need self-motivation to push you through in achieving those goals. Life without self-motivation is like planting seeds in a rocker place.

Stay self-motivated by applying these 10 tips and make yourself successful in life.