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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Rainey Jr Power Book II


Michael Rainey Jr has become one of the most familiar actors in the world thanks to his role on Power: Ghost. He was shot to fame after playing a role in power which landed him a lead role in Power Book II; His play as Tariq St. Parick initially began with him playing a sweet and innocent kid who knew nothing about the dirty dealings that fund the family’s lavish lifestyle.

As the show progressed, he completely became a different person that led to him murdering his father and starting his own drug gang. Let’s face it whether you love or hate the character, you have to admit that Michael has done a great job playing Tariq.

Let’s dive into the details of our top 10 things you did not know about Michael Rainey Jr Tariq St. Parick.

10. Michael is a Kentucky native:

Some people may be surprised to know that Michael was born on September 22nd, 2000 in Louisville Kentucky raised by a single mother Shawana. He did not stay there for long and was moved to New York.

As a child growing up he didn’t have any siblings to play with and his parents break up early which was a tough thing for him but that did not deter him from pushing through obstacles and becoming what he wants to be and made his family proud.

With hard work and determination Michael Rainey Jr – has grown up into a fine young adult love and followed by millions of people around the world who cherish his acting career and look up to him.

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9. How Michael began his acting career

Michael began acting at a young age, as a child, he has started acting in several commercials in both print and television along with doing music videos. His acting journey began when he started doing music videos; He said I was scouted on the street for print work.

But one day I did a music video but I didn’t know that it was for an Italian artist. The video was hit on MTV and Silvio Moschino saw the video he made and contacted my mother and said he knew I was the kid for his movie.

Rainey explained, they flew us to Italy for 10 days to meet, and the next thing I know we were back in New York packing our bags and heading back to Italy to do my first movie in Italian.

At the tender age of ten, He had to learn the Italian language to star in the Italian film un ultra Mundo in 2010, he got into other movies like love included Danny Glover Charles Dutton and Megan, the butler, seasons of orange, and amateur.

His burst to fame come when he played a role in the American crime drama series power, Michaels character Tariq gained him a lot of popularity. Michael further went on to say that I got into the acting business by accident. But, after doing the film love is when I knew I wanted to become an actor.      

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