10 websites that pays you:-

Making money online is becoming much easier each and every day, as long as you have something good to write about you are good to go, yet people find it hard to make money online because they over complicate things and their mentors take them through a lot of funnels that involve lots of money spent before they help them crack the code of making money online, that is if you are fortunate because sometimes you may not get the result you are looking for.

This makes people wear out and thinks that making money online is complicated, yes it is, that is only if you don’t get the right guidance and tools but as long as you have these tools making money becomes much easier. There are various ways you can make money online like affiliate marketing, blogging,  e-commerce, and a lot to talk about but today we are focusing on making money through writing articles for websites.

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These websites pay you to write articles for them based on their preference and you can literally make a good amount of money from these websites that need an article for their clients, there are a lot of these websites but we will only focus on 10 of the sites that will pay you good money to write articles for them.


Is a company that pays you to write articles for them, they are legit and they pay you for your work, it has been around for years and it works with both big and small companies that need articles for their business, for you to make money with this company you have to write articles for them and it is not a hard thing to do.

This company is 100 percent free for writers and for you to become a writer you have to sign up and go to where it says I write content and submit your article and if the clients accept them textbroker pays you for your article and the cool thing about it is that you can request for weekly payoff as soon as you’ve earned $10 or more.

You don’t need a whole bunch of experience to start with textbroker; anyone can literally make money with this company as long as you are a good writer and love to write you are good to make money with this company.

2. verblio

This is another company that pays you to write articles for clients of the website, you do not get credit for the article you get paid for writing whatever subject that client needs and they cover various niches that you can write about.  

This company covers a wide range of content and blogging jobs for about 40+ industries giving writers more room to submit their articles on various topics and if your article is liked by their clients you get paid for it.

You can sign up with verblio submit your content to be reviewed and if accepted you get paid.

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3. Crowdcontent

This is another company that pays you for writing content for all kinds of clients and you can sign up to join their crowd content workforce to become a writer for them, for you to start writing for them go and read some of their blog posts and have a view on the kind of articles they like and the style of writing.

Sometimes they are closed for new registration but you can still create an account and wait when they open again for new registration and after that, you can start to make money with this site by writing for them.

4. Domainite

This company pays you for writing articles for them, it’s more of a freelancer job, you submit an article to the site for it to be approved and when it is approved you get paid for it, for you to sign up go to write content and sign up with Domainite.

They are more into web design content, if you are the type that writes about web design content then this is the right place for you to write for them and get paid, you can sign up and start writing for domainite.         

5. Ux Booth

This site pays you per article submitted and what you do is that you submit a topic or an idea to them and if your article is accepted you get an editor assigned to you to help you create the articles and you get paid.

For you to easily get your work accepted check their page and have a look at some of their articles in order to get a clear view of the style or type of article their clients will want and you can sign up with them and start making your money by submitting articles for them.


6. Whatculture

This is another site that will make you money for writing content for their clients and it is easy to earn with them, all you have to do is to submit your article to them and join as a writer, they are into news, opinion, and entertainment niche and they pay you $25 to $500 for an article depending on the popularity of your article.

You have to submit 100% original content for you to be accepted, you can sign up by going to the write for us section and submit your article to earn revenue for every article published and there is no limit on articles published.

7. Cracked

This is another site that pays you for your content, they are into funny or humorous types of content and if you are the type that can write on this topic then you are good to start making money with this site, they pay about $100 to $200 per publishing a guest post and if you are a frequent contributor sometimes they give you a bonus.

You can sign up with cracked and start earning money with your articles publish on their platform, you can go to their page and see the kind of articles they have and it will give you an idea on the kind of articles they want. 

 8. A Fine Parent

This site is more focused on helping you to become a good parent and they pay writers who write on how to become a better parent, they like articles based on your own experience or other people stories that you can relate or connect with.

This site lists topics on parenting that they want you to write about and you get paid when your article is accepted, the word count range between 1500 – 3000 words per article and they pay you $100 for an article accepted.

If you write about parenting you can sign up with A Fine Parent and start making money with them. Also, you can get a bonus of $200 if your article becomes the most view article at the end of the year.

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9. Listverse

This is another site that pays you to write articles for them but this site is much focused on writing articles on a list of top ten stuff, it can be on movies, culture, or anything that can be viral but it should be in a list of ten.

You submit an article on the top ten things and if it is accepted you can earn $100 per list, sign up with listverse, and start submitting your article to make money with them.        

10. The Expeditioner

This is another site that pays you for your top 10 list article but this site is focused on top ten travel list if you can write about the top ten places to travel, eat or stay as you travel you can make money on this site, this site pays you $30 per article and the cool thing about this is that they allow you to add a short bio with each article and this can drive traffic back to your site.

So if you really want to travel while you make money then Expeditioner is the place to stop by and earn money with your articles, you can sign up with them and start making your money with every piece that gets accepted by them.

How much do you want to earn with these sites? That is up to you, the more articles you write the more money you make with them, you can earn up to $200 or more a day with these sites, if you love to write then give these sites a try and you can find lots of topics to write on and earn money.  

I hope this article was helpful to you in finding sites that you can write for and make money online without lots of hustle. Please share and leave a comment below and let us know some of your favorite sites that pay you to write for them.