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12 Apps That Will Make You Passive Income Without Work


Making money online is now becoming a trend these days; people are surfing around the net each day trying to find a better way that they can make extra bucks without having to do much work. The online world has made many things possible, a place where you can make money and equally lose it as well if you don’t trade carefully, you can acquire the information there, share or entertain yourself.

Thanks to technology all these have been made possible and a reality, now we have found ourselves using smartphones which we cannot do without. At first, we only use the computers to run our business but now we have smartphones that can equally be used to run our day to day business without much hustle.

The emerging of these smartphones has brought the birth of app creation to help facilitate and make the use of these smartphones much easier and some of these apps do not only help in facilitating the use of smartphones but can equally make you passive income without work. Also there are many apps that will make your daily life so much easier

I have gone through to serve the best 12 apps that will make you passive income without much work and here are lists of 12 apps that will make you extra money below.         


This is one of the apps that you can make money doing nothing, it is a market data collection app that pays you for installing it on your phone and it runs in the background whiles you use your phone, it is very easy to use without any intruding or slowing down your phone.

The payout is not that much but it can be another cool way to make passive income without you having to do no work; you can sign up with panel app and start making money right away.    


This site works similar to Swagbucks, it pays you to take surveys, watch TV online, play games, and many more, and you automatically receive $5 just for signing up. The site is designed to connect brands and consumers, every time you watch one of the ads shown.

Inboxdollar will credit your account with a little amount of cash but beware that; your contact information will be shared with the brands you interact with. Sign up for Inbox Dollars.


Sweatcoin is an app that pays you for every step you take, it is more of an app that motivates you to do exercise while you earn an extra buck, isn’t that cool for getting paid to do want you love doing, this app is surely an easy way to make money by just walking or if you prefer running.

You earn points for each move you make and exchanging those points for cash, just install sweatcoin app on your phone and start making passive income with it.


Seeing ads is one of the common things that we see when we visit a site, it is annoying when these ads keeping on popping on our screen but I guess it won’t be when we’re making money off them, that is right, oh yeah.

Slidejoy is an app that works base on ads that it put on your lock screen and each time you unlock the screen and see an ad you make money. So easy to earn extra cash with this app, all you just have to do is to install slidejoy app on your smartphone and unlock the screen and watch ads.


Is a site that pays you for taking surveys on the various field, their payout on some offers are very good because you are paid up to $75 for completing some surveys.

Vindale Research has lots of surveys that you can complete and earn money; they also give you a $2 bonus just for signing up. Just login in daily and complete a few surveys and off you go making money.

You can sign up with vindale research for free $$$


Making money online with surveys can be very hectic and something you may end up not been paid after you have completed taking the survey, that was a waste of time but with survey junkies, you are sure to make extra money and get paid on time.

You definitely won’t get rich overnight or make hundreds of dollars with taking surveys alone but you will make some extra money without wasting time.

Survey junkies: is a free app that you can make money by using your phone to give your opinion, try a new product, and participate in the discussion.

It is one of the highest paying surveys out there, you can be paid up to $50 per survey after you have completed it and it is free to join. Click here to make extra cash with survey junkies.


MyPoints is another making money(Passive Income) app that rewards members when they shop online, take surveys, play games, watch videos, and more.


This app allows you to make money by downloading other apps and running them on your smartphone to earn money, it works by listing a number of apps that you can download on your phone and earn points which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

You can make up to $.10 to $.50 for downloading per app, some of these apps that you download, you are to allow them to run for a while or complete some small task, you can delete them later after you have earned your points.

Cash-for-app is a simple way to make extra cash without having to do much work; you can click here to make extra money with cash-for-app.     


The FeaturePoints app works similar to cash-for-app but it is one of the apps that pay you in cash fast; this is an app that I highly recommend. It is another app that allows you to earn money or gift cards by downloading other apps on your phone.

After installing featurepoint you will be shown a list of apps that you can download and earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards, Amazon gift card, iTunes, Starbucks, and cash. You are paid between 50-100 points per download.

You are to collect 600 points before you can redeem it for reward and 600 points are equal to $1. Install featurepoints and start making extra money without wasting time.


You can make money(Passive Income) with this app by uploading photos of the product that you have taken pictures of, which can both be from tech products, clothing, house items, or anything, and upload them on social media platforms with a description of the product and the cost.

You now have to tag these products on the cosign app by searching for your product and when any of your followers buy the product you posted you will earn a commission from it.

Not only do you earn money by someone purchasing your product, but you also earn points every time someone views your product, this point can be redeemed to cash. Click here to download CoSign.


Fronto works similar to slidejoy, it is a lock screen app that lets you make money by unlocking your phone screen and see an ad. After downloading this app you will fill out your profile along with your interests so that they can show you ads base on your interest.

 You can simply make extra money without actually doing anything, all you have to do is to install the app on your phone and each time you interact with the ad you get paid well, isn’t that cool?

Fronto app is a sure way to make money without extra work, you can click here to download fronto app and start making extra cash.


This is another app that let you earn points for watching videos and doing other tasks. After downloading this app you start earning points by visiting the check-in page which lists different stores you are paid to check-in, watch videos, and get paid to sign up on other websites.

You can redeem your points for Amazon or Wal-Mart gift card, you can easily make 50-100 with checkpoints by just watching 3 minutes videos and checking in. Click here to start to earn points with checkpoints.

There are many legit apps that you can earn money without much work but today we are focusing on these 12 apps that you can start making extra money today, even though these apps will not make you a huge sum of money on a daily base but it is a sure way to make you extra cash for a living.

Making extra bucks for gas or bill isn’t bad, I hope this article was of help to you, share and leave a comment below on some of the making money apps you have tried.