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100 Life Hacks For Your Daily Routine


Getting things done in our daily lives can sometimes be very hectic and time-consuming, wait what about if I told you there are 100s and possibly 1000s of life hack tips and tricks that can get you on your feet with so much ease in your daily routine.

These life hacks are so much easy to do and they are not some kind of hard coding or difficult arithmetic, that you will have to understand in order to be able to do these life hacks, they are so much easy that you could actually do at home, school or any place you feel fit.

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It is surely a fun way to practice some of these life hacks, does why we have gone through to serve the best and simple 1000 life hacks that you can use around the house or any place you see fit.

Wait a minute did I just say 1000 life hacks, I guess I did but let’s just go with 100 life hacks, for now, lol.


Life Hacks For Kids     

1. Make a quick hammock using only a table and a blanket.

2. Make a bracelet with charms of things they love and include your telephone number.

3. Trim a pool noodle and wrap it around the door to prevent it from slamming their fingers.

4. Use a crazy straw and put the curly end inside the cup to prevent kids from pulling out the straw.

5. How to prevent kids from locking the door accidentally by using a simple rubber band.

6. Flip a coffee lid and use it to prevent their frozen treats from melting on their hands.

7. Make a portable coloring case using an old DVD case.

8. Make cleaning fun by turning chores into a game.

9. Season them with flavors your kids love — because nobody wants bland broccoli.

10. Prevent kids from falling out of bed by using a simple pool noodle and secure it under the sheets.

Life Hacks For School

11. Drawing tables and diagrams in your notes increase the mind’s recall capacity!

12. After writing your essay, copy-paste it onto Google translate and listen to it. Listening makes it easier to find mistakes. This is one of the best Life Hacks For School Students.

13. Bind Paper without staples using a clever fold

      Step 1. Compile the papers you want to put together

      Step 2. Fold the corner of the documents towards you. Press the fold firmly:

      Step 3. Use your hands to tear two small, parallel incisions in the flap that you’ve just created. Make           sure that your incisions cut through all of the documents:

     Step 4. Fold the inner tab that you’ve just created away from you. Again, press firmly!

14. Use a dry erase marker at home without a whiteboard! Mirrors, frames, glass, are all perfect substitutes for a whiteboard and you can use such surfaces to note down quick to-dos, last minute formulas, and so on! To remove the marks, just use a cloth or a piece of damp paper!

16. Need to draw a circle but don’t have a compass? Just take two pencils and tie them with a string. Use one pencil as the center of the circle and the other to draw. Alternatively, you can use some paperclips as shown below!

17. A friend asks for a pencil but you only have one? Break your pencil into two and sharpen the other one!

18. How To Clean Boots – Rub the boots with half of a lemon and allow them to dry. Next, apply polish.

19. If you have highlighted something by mistake or simply want to remove some highlighted text from your book, simply take a Q-tip and soak the bud with lime juice. Then, swipe the bud over the highlighted text. This hack really works like magic – no highlight and the text stays perfectly intact!

20. How To Keep Colors From Running – To prevent colors from running and staining other linens that are washed together, first soak colored things in a two-to-one solution of salt water for about 24 hours.

Reddit Life Hacks

21. Use an old bread clip or twist tie to keep open freezer foods good

22. If you drop something fragile, don’t try to grab it on the way down. Stick out a foot and let it bounce off your foot. It’ll absorb enough of the speed that whatever it is probably won’t break.

Learned this with camera lenses.

Not for big stuff, obviously.

23. Eliminate food waste. Things you’d normally throw away like vegetable peelings and bones can be turned into flavorful stock for future meals.

24. Adjust a picture frame at your desk so you can see behind you with the reflection of the glass. It’s a subtle way of knowing if someone is behind you without looking over your shoulder the whole time.

25. Windows key + E to open My Computer. It has saved me literally minutes over the years.

26. Something I do is save bread ends and/or pieces of bread that got squished, stale, or whatever, in a bag in the freezer. Once I collect a decent amount, I thaw them out and make some homemade stuffing. It’s super tasty, and feels fancy for just being bread, veggies, sage, and stock.

27. All the Windows key shortcuts are great. + Arrows will snap the open window to the left or right, maximize or minimize it +r opens the run program dialogue box +p to toggle the projector/display settings quickly Just to name my favorites.

28. Use cold water to wash blood out of clothes; it works better

29. Can’t find something on Reddit because the search function is ass? Use Google and add site: Reddit.com after your search terms to confine the results to just those on Reddit. It works a lot better.

Daily rules

30. Carry a clipboard and wear a tie. Never will be stopped in any major store

31. Exhale and hold your breath for as long as possible and your stuffed nose will temporarily clear itself. It doesn’t always last long, but those few seconds of freedom are fantastic when you have allergies

32. I saw my teacher do this as well. He didn’t realize he used a permanent marker, then he experimented with a dry erase marker and the writings were slowly erased. We were all amazed lol. I was still a 3rd grader at the time.

33. The rolling instead of folding method when you’re packing for a trip. It actually saves up a lot of space.

34. If you stand up too quickly and your vision gets blurry, flex your abs as hard as you can for a few seconds. This forces blood/oxygen into your head and stops the dizziness.

35. Sticking your tongue to the top of your mouth when you have a brain freeze!

36. If your ice crème is too tough to get through with a spoon. Grab the fork and use it instead. Works wonders and you’ll never have to deal with bent spoons again.

37. The key that’s worked for me is to exhale slowly. Regulate the feeling in your lungs. Breathe in again so slow, and then gradually return your breathing to normal speed.

38. Drink a glass of water really slowly to get rid of hiccups. Make sure to always have water in your mouth until they’re dead.

39. To cool your drink without making it watery, pre-freeze pieces of fruit and add them to your drink!

40. Drilling a hole in the ceiling? A plastic cup saves you from dust!

Life Hacks For Girls

41. White wine neutralizes red wine stains.

42. Neatly tuck your non-skinny jeans in boots.

43. Paint your keys with nail polish to easily distinguish the sets.

44. Put your necklace through a straw to keep the chain from tangling.

45. Use ice cubes to remove gum from your hair.

46. Create baking powder sachets to freshen shoes.

47. Remove lint from clothing by using a pumice stone.

48. Remove dried deodorant stains by rubbing it with a dryer sheet.

49. Use pool noodles or rolled up magazines to stand boots upright in your closet.

50. Use a staple remover to add keys to your key ring without breaking a nail.

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51. Attach a magnetic strip to the bathroom wall so that your bobby pins can stay in one place.

52. Use socks and a hair dryer to stretch out and break in your new flats in just a few minutes.

53. Hot glue old corks to a piece of wood to make a super cute bulletin board (and use up all of those wine corks).

54. A shower caddy can be helpful for storing anything in the bathroom.

55. Size a bra yourself – try to slip 2 fingers in between yourself and the strap.

56. Make Eye Shadow Stand Out With White Eyeliner

57. Achieve perfect winged eyeliner with a Spoon

58. Believe in the power of a bedside glass of water. Have you ever woken up hydrated? I have. And it’s spectacular.

59. Put a tampon in all of your purses. You just became a fairy godmother or your own best friend.

60. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon (and cayenne pepper, if you dare) first thing every morning.

Diy Life Hacks

61. Use toothpaste to erase permanent marker messes.

62. Rub the meat of a nut in the direction of the scratch to hide scratch from Wooden Furniture; you can use a Brazil nut, walnut, almond or pecan.

63. Clean your toilet bowl with mouthwash.

64. Protect your furniture from pet scratches with aluminum foil.

65. You can dip a black tea bag in hot water for a few minutes. Once this is done, you need to dab tea on the area of the scratch with a piece of cotton.

66. Get rid of crayon marks with a hair dryer.

67. Hold of an eyebrow pencil that is similar to the color of the scratch. Rub the pencil in the direction of the scratch till the time the actual scratch gets hidden.

68. Use a pencil eraser to replace a lost earring back.

69. Use mixture of lemon juice, vegetable oil or olive oil for removing small scratch from Wooden Furniture.

70. Pick up small toys using a lint roller.

71. You can paint iodine in the scratch area with a brush and allow it dry.

72. Stick the shopping bags to the walls to keep books, pens etc.

73. Use lock hook to keep your rubber bands at place.

74. Use a fork to keep your taco upright

75. And use a toilet paper tube to keep your wrapping paper in order, too.

Life Hacks For Home

76. Clean a messy ceramic cooktop with a Magic Eraser.

77. Pick up broken glass with bread.

78. Clean your microwave with lemon.

79. Freeze your pillowcases before hopping into bed on a hot night.

80. Make your house smell fresh by warming a vanilla bean in water on the stove.

81. Clean a burnt pan with vinegar, water and baking soda

82. Remove candle wax from furniture with ice cubes.

83. Put mini furniture sliders on the bottom of flowerpots to avoid scratches.

84. Put down masking tape before nailing into plaster walls.

85. Make your rugs non-slip by adding a line of caulk on the bottom.

86. Add some paper to the bottom of your trash bag to keep liquids from leaking out.

87. Keep your door from hitting the wall by covering the knob with a tennis ball.

88. Hang a painting on hinges to conceal an unsightly alarm system.

89. Use a foam noodle to prevent dings in your car door.

90. Avoid clutter by hanging pots and pans inside cabinet doors.

Best Life Hacks

91. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming to keep your rug smelling fresh.

92. If your zipper is stuck, rub it with pencil lead to loosen it.

93. Attach a hair tie to your keys to make both everyday carry must-haves easier to keep handy.

94. Slip on some rubber gloves to ~get a grip~ on a tough-to-open jar.

95. Fun fact: the stem of a banana is actually the bottom, so peel it from the other end to show off your fruit knowledge to all your friends (and make less of a mess)!

96. Slice two out of three sides of a triangle into a moving box, then push the loose piece inward — voila, instant handle!

97. Finally, try toothpaste to scrub permanent marker stains off of walls. Not so permanent now, huh?

98. Simply take a used post-it and run it between the keys with the sticky side down…then recycle!

99. Before you paint your nails, swipe some Elmer’s Glue around the sides and let it dry. Once you’re done with your DIY mani, just peel off the dried glue along with any polish mistakes!

100. You can get those clothes to dry faster and save on your electric bill by putting a clean dry towel in with your wet clothes.

I hope these life hacks were simple to fellow and helped in making your daily life much easier and if it did, please leave a comment below telling us your favorite life hacks.