Failure is not a thing to brag about or to be ashamed of, but the thing that matters is the valuable lessons we derive from it. Being down the road of failure is not a joke because at that moment you begin to feel as if the world is crashing on you and everyone in it has deserted you. Even when those who sympathize with you begin to shower you with encouraging words, you feel as if nothing is sticking in your head.

Failure is part of life and life is a process, it is all about growing up. One needs to grow in order to learn more and life without failing is meaningless. I don’t think that there is anyone who can boastfully claim that he/she has never failed before. It is not about you ever failing but is all about what you have learned from that failure and what others too can learn from your failure.

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Ask those who have ever had the chance to witness a sheep giving birth to it lamb, after some few minutes the little lamb tries to stand on its feet, it will fall several times before it is able to hold its ground, and even sometimes the mother has to support it to stand on its feet and the next thing you will see is the lamb trying to walk. It will struggle for some time before it is able to move and after that, it begins to walk without much difficulties, it now gets all excited and start to jump around.  

Just as a child try’s to ride a bicycle for the first time, he/she will fall many times before getting it right and just ask her mother if that child will ever know how to ride that bicycle, guess what, the mother will wholeheartedly tell you that her daughter will soon ride that bike on her own.      

This is to say that every living creature has a certain point in time faces failure before. If that is so then why do we frown over failure as if it is a bad omen that is going to bring bad things on us? I guess we have to think over and over again before we start to look down on ourselves or other people who are in their state of failure.

When failure knocks you down get up and dust yourself and keep on moving.

We should not look at failure itself but we should rather focus on the brighter things that it brings along and that is the only way we can move forward but if we rather decide to drown ourselves in its pool then we will soon be forgotten.

We have been talking about failure, so what is a failure?

According to Wikipedia:

Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective and may be viewed as the opposite of success.

Meaning when you set your goal and you are not able to achieve it or the core issues have not been solved, Then we can say that you have failed to hit your target.

There are more than 101 lessons that I have learned from failure but I will like to share with you these 6 key valuable lessons of failure I have learned in life. Hopefully, it will ignite your mindset to drive something good out of it.

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When we fail, we gain experience in the field that we failed which helps in deepening our minds into understanding life, it may not work for you at your second try but the experience you had will guide you from not repeating the same mistakes again.    

The feeling of experiencing something is one of the best things that can happen to you, whether it is pain or gain because you have ever encountered such issue, while others are hitting themselves against the wall for failing for the first time: you will not find it much disturbing if you fail for the second time. That makes you ahead of those who have not yet experience what you have. 


Knowledge is the road map to civilization, the knowledge that you have acquired from failure can be used as a reference in the future for those who want to venture into that regard. Knowledge is growth and ignorance is backward, which one will you take?

Imagine you are hiking the mountains of Kilimanjaro, then all of a sudden you got lost and you are now struggling to find your way out of the mountain, it took you some time before you were able to get the short cuts and your way out. Then you now made a map to help hikers find their way through the mountains easily. How beautiful will that be? Knowing that the knowledge you have acquired through failure is helping in preventing others from facing the same issues you once had.

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Life is all about growing and if failure is one of the factors that help us in growing then why do we see failure as cancer instead of seeing it as a stepping stone to help us improve our lives for a greater cause.


How can our society or our economy grow if we are not ready to grow ourselves; we grow by making mistakes upon mistakes before we now get it right and failure has a lot of lessons to offer in growing as human beings.

We are not the first to fail neither will we be the last to fail

Am not asking you to settle for failure as an answer but in case it comes, see it as a second chance to make things right.

Chance to learn

Failure gives you another chance to learn more. In order not to fail you will channel your mind to be focused and you will put much effort in preventing yourself from failing again. Failing makes you learn many ways that do not work as Edison did with his light bulb of knowing ten thousand ways that do not work and always remember that failure is moving you towards the right direction.

-Henry Ford “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”.

There are many ways to learn towards achieving something, but the most beautiful one is when you fail and you are trying to make it up to yourself by passing this time around. Just like you taking exams and the result came out as fail, you will be heart broken.

When you rewrite again and the result comes out as pass, you feel overwhelmed and it’s not just the matter of you passing, you now have an in-depth knowledge in that field and you experience the feeling of passing after you have failed.

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Never give up

Every year, seeds are being thrown to earth to germinant in order to feed humans which is a privilege to the seed race. Unfortunately, one of the seeds fell on a rocky place and it wasn’t possible for it to grow, but that seed never gave up trying because to the seed kingdom, it was a great cause to grow into food for humans.

It had searched several times to find soil on the rocks to enable it germinant and it never stopped trying until one day it rained and the rain pushed some soil it’s way and the seed found that soil and started to germinant.

Sometimes how we expect life to be for us may not always go that way, and it doesn’t mean that we still can’t achieve our dreams, it may have taken a different twist but that doesn’t mean it is impossible.

The secret in life is not to give up because you only really fail if you quit or give up.


We humans naturally find it hard to value other people or their culture, we intend to deceive ourselves that we have the best culture in society, our culture is perfect and everyone must adopt that. We will never value someone else’s culture unless we have had a glimpse or get to experience their way of life. Then we can now understand them and then we will be able to bury our differences and enlighten ourselves with those that will add value to our lives. 

Just as a failure, if you have never experienced failure you will not find the value in it that will propel you to push harder in getting things right. If you know the value that you will bring to yourself and to others if you succeed, it will be a reminder to keep yourself awake in achieving your goal. 

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Life is about tried and error and that makes us what we are today and what we will become in the near or distant future, that make our race tied with the fate of failing and building upon. Just like a child who learns how to walk on two feet to an aging person who needs the support of a stick to walk.

These are some of the valuable lessons I have learned from failure and I hope these six lessons of failure in life that I have shared with you will give you a reason why you should never frown on failure but rather come into harmony with it for a better life.

Sharing these six lessons will definitely be a good thing unless you want it all for yourself.

 Leave a comment about some of the lessons you have learned from failure.