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The Ugly Truth About Success And Why You Are Not Achieving It


We all dream of becoming successful in our field of interest, it’s that right? But when things start to go wrong or not working as plan, we begin to feel as if there is some negative force that is holding us back from achieving success in life, which we now turn to ask the magical question why, why am I not getting things right? And hardly do we hear the ugly truth about success in order to get things right.

After all the struggling and challenges you have been through and even followed and practice what most of these successful people do but you still not getting things the way you want it to be, then you start to feel like giving up, this success stuff doesn’t work, maybe am not meant to be successful in life. Pause, not really, maybe you are not doing the right thing.

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Learning the secrets of success or becoming successful is not as easy as we think and if you ask these successful people you will find out that they have been through hardship to get to where they are now which wasn’t an easy task to start with. We have been made to believe and only focus on their success live and forgetting of their humble beginning which plays a key role in their success in life.

Even though becoming successful isn’t easy as we think but it doesn’t mean that it is not possible to achieve it, some people were able to realize their dreams and overcome those obstacles to attain success in life, meaning you can equally do it, today I will like to share with you 5 ugly truth of success and why so many people are not achieving it.

1. You Don’t Stick To A Plan Long Enough

We have found ourselves in age and time where we want things to be done fast, we get on a bus to work and some few seconds we are there, a situation whereby you are trying to lose weight, you want to press a button and the next day you have lost weight, life just to work like that, it is not like a movie were everything is done within some few hours.

You have to put in the groundwork to make things work because without hard work and consistency you will not find success and all the crappy things you hear about overnight success is not really, there is no such thing as overnight success, this people you hear of their success have put in much work night after night to get to where there are now.

You have to put in much work to make your plan a success and not only must you work but you must learn to stick to a plan long enough before moving to other things, I know sometimes you feel like this plan is not working for you, sometimes is not the plan that is not working, you are not following or holding on to it long enough.

Some people have taken few months whiles others have taken years to make their plan a success, just don’t quit because you don’t see it working now, give it some time and see how it works and if you think you have given it enough time then you can move to other plan but remember to not always quite too soon because losers’ that quit and winners never quit.

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2. You Don’t Put In the Work

some of my friends who will come to me and complain that they have put in energy and time on their business that they have been working so hard to establish it for some time now but things are not just working as planned, so I ask them how long have they been working on it, they said about a year then I told them maybe it wasn’t the plan that was not working but the business idea.

After I dive a little bit into their business plan I realize that the plan was good but it was them who were not putting much effort into building the business, they were not focused and more to the point they were not consistent in their dealings, they work for some few hours and they feel that they have done enough for the day whiles their competitors were working three times of their hours spent.

In order for you to beat your competitors you have to put in much effort in working hard and smart in order to become successful in establishing your business, you don’t expect to put in some few hours of work and think you are good to go, people who put in little work are already having a well-established business and they quite understand their business model and their competitors.

A newly established business have to put in the groundwork and work harder than their competitors to stay in business, if not then be ready to encounter failure upon failures. 

3. Don’t Try To Reinvent the Wheel

Often times we find ourselves trying to pave our own way to success without the help of other people and we turn to waste time which now becomes a hindrance to our success, I remember when I wanted to start my blog, I wanted to blog about things that am passionate about and talk about myself.

The Ugly truth

I started to post articles on my blog and no one comes to read it, in a month I can get about thirty to forty visitors to my blog, the issue is that lots of people don’t know me, and people don’t care about my lifestyle or want to listen to my story and that made my blog a failure.

Am not saying you should not blog about what you are passionate about, all am saying is to blog about what works and after you have established some name for yourself then you can now start to blog about your lifestyle or start to tell your story.

Following what works or getting the help of people who have already made it is a quick way in achieving success because they will share with you their secret keys to success and all you will have to do is to follow the exact steps in achieving your goals. 


4. You Are Not Content with What You’ve Already Achieved

There is this ancient saying when a man gets a mountain full of gold he desires for another, we have this ingrain in our minds that we need to acquire more to be ok and when we get that we what more and more, it is as if we just don’t know enough, we don’t know when to stop, do we really need all those things to feel ok?

I guess we cannot do away with it, it is part of us but it is so pathetic when some people just don’t know when to stop and be content with what they have; you will find some people who will be chasing for wealth so much that in the end, they lose it all just for the sake of getting more. 

What is the excess of gathering all that wealth when you cannot even enjoy it, they will be so busy chasing wealth that they will not have time to spend with their family and loved ones? The feeling of becoming more and more successful is great but find time to reflect on what you have achieved and be content with it, you may even be successful but yet you will feel like you are not, just be content and you will see how successful you have become.  

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5. You Don’t Believe In Yourself

Lots of people do not become successful because they lack the confidence in believing themselves; they turn to look down upon themselves that they are not fit for that work or position, so they don’t get to fit in.

They are so afraid of what people will say about them and because of the negative comment that they will hear, they will prefer being in their comfort zone then stepping out of the light and that will hinder their success if they are not able to untangle that mentality and set out to the light for greater progress in their pursuit for success.

Believing in yourself and capabilities itself is an antidote for achieving success, you have to believe in yourself to make things work and how can you convince people to join your course when you don’t even believe that you can push it through and make it work. 

What differentiates between the winners and losers is that the winners always believe in themselves that they can do it and the losers are always making excuses, you have to push yourself out there and let the world know that you are worldly of achieving it.

The world is all about branding, you have to brand yourself properly for a good buy and success is your prize, achieving success is not a one-day thing, it is about been consistency in your work and surely success will not miss you.

If you put these five tips of becoming successful in life into action, no thought that success is at hand, and if this article was of help to you please share and we will also like to hear some of your tips that will aid us to become successful in life.