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20 Most Popular Wild N Out Comedy Games


Since the creation of wild n out by Nick Cannon which was debuted on July 28, 2005, on MTV, it has gain recognition worldwide as one of the most watch Comedy Games show series in the world.

The comedy show has done massive work by improving itself season after season with interesting and hilarious comedy which are played by members of each term.

Wild n out is consist of various games played on each round, each member of each team will battle each other with hilarious and interesting punch lines, at the end of the round the winner will get a bell by D J D-Wreck and finally, a term will be chosen as the winner for that round.

 It is fun watching these various hilarious games on wild n out that has proven to be entertaining and funny.

Now, let get into the details of favorite wild n out games.

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1. Family Reunion

family reunion was introduced in season 4 of the wild n out comedy show series. In this wild n out game, each member of each term will introduce someone from the audience as a family member or who looks like they could be related.

Before they could call them out or say something funny about their relative, together with the cast and the audiences sings “At the family reunion! Who we introducing, who we introducing?” the cast will make a funny introduction and if their introduction is funny, it gets a bell. If it’s not funny, it gets a buzzer by D J D-Wreck.

2. Let Me Holla

Let me holla is one of the games that was introduced in season 2 of the wild n out comedy show series. In this game, a cast member must use a funny pick-up line to turn on a wild n out girl, and the line must be hilarious and seductive to get the wild n out girl to want to go with you.

This game sure gives you the flow and punch line on how to be funny and smooth-talking when talking to a girl. It works like magic just go with the funny flow and that hot baby is yours.

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